Yes We Can…

The world is gripped with Coronavirus, although there is a stillness on the Earth, as if a big pause button pressed on the outside environment but the energy is bustling. Imagine water about to boil, tiny bubbles that form on the bottom and slowly they become larger and start rising up and popping. I feel like all of us are currently in that situation. We are trying to make this quarantine phase productive and entertaining enough to be able to kill boredom or monotonous cycle of now our daily life that has become during this pandemic. People are being creative by singing, playing instruments, playing games with friends and family all over the world, showcasing their hidden talents. We are living in the moment. The same moment when we think back couple of months ago, we were still doing it. Living in the moment. And life came to a standstill. But imagine the ending of this lockdown. Will this be a moment when we go back to being our old selves or even worst versions of ourselves, taking “freedom” for granted yet again or is this a moment for a purge, to let go of old habits and turn a new page, a clean slate, a new me? Isn’t this a perfect moment to reflect on ourselves? Personally I learned that I used to leave the tap open unconsciously while brushing because that sound of water had a calming effect on me after waking up. I have stopped that now. Believe it or not it was tough. I had to literally walk away with my toothbrush to keep me from turning on the tap/faucet. But this was a conscious effort to change. 

This is the moment when I want to look back at the things I may have been doing wrong all this while. This is the exact moment when I can change the years of conditioning that has happened with my mental and physical awareness. This is that moment when I get to say to myself that I must change, I must accept self-discipline. I have to pledge to change now that I have seen the wrath of Mother Nature. I know I cannot step on this Earth and take her for granted, I cannot claim she is my property. I am not even a speck in this Universe. I must change my ways. I must respect the fact that Mother Nature/ Earth / Higher Power has the power to destroy me in a second. I must try my best to restore nature to her glory. I must save natural resources. I must respect another living life. I may not be able to give up on my meat consumption but I know I can curb my greed. I have a choice and that is what is important, to make choices. To choose to use plastic or to reuse and recycle, be aware of wood, paper and curb the careless use. To follow traffic rules, to give way to elders, children, put life of pedestrians first. If I need to reach on time, I need to manage my own schedule to be able to leave the house way ahead of time. Absolutely no honking, patience on the road, being generous to allow passing. So many things I can change, I am glad I am writing this because the train of thought won’t stop at this point.

I must change my ways of judging others. The virus did not discriminate between age, gender, class, color, caste, race, profession, religion. I must be loving and kind towards other forces of nature. I must give preference to children because they are the future. I must respect the experience of elders because they have “been there and done that” way before I have “been there and done that”. Being more personal and real in interactions, more listening, more smiling, more openness and acceptance. I must treat my body as a temple. That’s where the divine resides. I must not forget to be grateful every day for everything that I have. I must love life. I must not fear change, I must believe it is for the better and use it as an opportunity to only push myself to adjust to it and embrace it with confidence and love. It all starts from me. I am willing to change, yes I can, yes we can!

India trailing

A line from Delhi Crime series struck the right chord… it suggests the more the economic difference between the poor and rich, the more crimes will happen because the poor don’t get it easily they try to take it by force, unemployment and illiteracy adds ti the problems. There is free porn but no sex education, internet is easily accessible nowadays, it makes them think a woman is a thing. For eg a simple hug between a guy and a girl who are friends is deemed as something they will never get,so the root cause is the disparity, then they will try to take that too by force without consequences because they have nothing to lose. With education, employment and counseling such crimes can be reduced and with vigilance they can be stopped and with courage and action can be averted. I agree to harsher laws for sure but fear makes you think twice, like the fear of a black cat makes people retrace their steps,fear of God, fear of law should be maintained but we have the wrong idea of fear. For us Indians, fear means violence, using it on private or government property, beating up couples, thrashing a driver suspected of carrying meat. A simple rickshawallah has to take loans to buy an auto and its broken to irreparable damage during riots or so called “protests” but noone will think of it while damaging it in anger. Anger and Fear are different emotions. We as Indians pride on our culture, literature, yoga, but when it comes to demonstrations of controlling these emotions we become one of the most uncivilized people there can be. We lack patience, self discipline. We need to understand the root cause, poor education, disparity, population is growing and we cannot even tell the marginalized communities birth control because all these are shunned when talked about. So many people will come forward when it comes to protests but where do these same people go when there are regular problems like water crisis, controlling traffic, volunteering is not their business. Closer to elections there will be campaigns of women empowerment et al , they just seem to disappear in thin air when they can volunteer to learn and teach self defense. Why can’t they protest for potholes, better drainage system, better waste management, pollution control? We do not know any emergency protocols incase of fire, earthquakes or natural disasters. We are not taught first aid and CPR. Basic things need to be in place. And then add to this all the religious disparities. Instead of fighting in the name of Gods, deeds(karma and dharma) are most important principles to follow. Building temples, mosques won’t help, schools, hospitals, fire stations, emergency units, orphanages, homes for the elderly, will help more. Why don’t they come forward to help during the times when the public really needs them? Just felt like sharing my thoughts.

“Fair” chance

I want to confess something, even if I am “fair” according to Indian “standards”, I used to tell my dad to bring me Fairglow soap separately even if my family was using Hamam, I wanted Fairglow. My dad tried to explain to me how it affects nothing because skin color is in your genes, I was obsessed because of the constant bombarding on TV that you will only get a job , friends or a partner if you are fair 😣 I would hide from the sun, wear layers to preserve my skin color. I remember in school, we had biased groups based on skin color, I guess that is why I was never part of any group that was discriminatory because my best friend in school, college, at work all were dark skinned. It was a slow process for me to change my views on dark skinned people because I stopped judging them by color and started loving them for their personality. I wrote to Zee Tv in an email, after the serial launch of “Saat Phere” that I will not watch Zee tv anymore because of the plot of the serial. I was mad at them for potraying skin color as a weakness. After I got married to the one I love, I became colorblind for good. As a couple we are often teased, but honestly, I don’t mind, I am not offended because harassing and teasing are two different things, if I am harassed I will speak up but not if I am being teased. I laugh at it. Now I am not bothered to be tanned at all, I am definitely concerned for skin burns and will use sunscreen for the same reason but don’t go overboard as before to be fairer! So my first point is accept your colour and move on, life does not stop there. My second point is that stop getting offended for silly reasons. We get offended so easily these days, for being called fat, stupid, monkey, etc. unless the intention is to insult. Words like ‘bewakoof, veda(stupid) jaadu(fatty), lukdya(like a log) are offensive to us nowadays, why!? Because we have less self acceptance. I hope phrases like “fair chance”, “in all fairness”, “not fairly likely” etc have nothing to do with supremacy over colorism. Aren’t we all monkeys according the evolution theory!? Aren’t we stupid enough to judge on basis of skin color, caste and creed? Aren’t we always fat than some and thin than someone else!? If we accept ourselves as who we are, how does it matter what others think of us, they are just calling it out as it is, is my perspective. I used to get easily offended for each and everything and cry for no reason, I have learned to let go of things which do not make any changes to the fact of what really is and that is how I am better at letting things go. One day we had a “Black” guy who came to our apartment for pest control and I didn’t know how to explain to him when he asked to describe the person who did it before, I was so scared to offend him, so I asked him, “What would you call a person who looked like you!?” He answered with a stark look,”you mean a black guy” and I was surprised, I asked further “don’t you feel offended when someone addressses you by your color!?” and he asked me, “what would you call me!?” and I said nervously “African American?” and he replied blankly but proudly “but I am not African, I am an American and Black” “So it is okay for me to call you Black?” and he replied, “Yes for me personally, as long as you don’t say the ‘N’ word or anything that might offend me, color is much better and even better if you know my name.” So I learned two things that day, Color is not always offensive to everyone as long as they accept it themselves and allow people to accept it as well and the other thing I learned was Never be afraid to ask instead of jumping the gun, ask!

Where are we going?

Today, a colleague asked me, sorry I am generalizing an entire country but India is a rapist country what is wrong with the Indian men? I had my head hanging in shame, and I wished I could defend it and say not all Indian men are like that but honestly I cannot, not with the statistics. I used to before when I would say US is among the highest, based on the statistics but now I don’t want to defend, because I feel helpless and angry. It makes me wonder, where has India gone wrong!? Is it because all of us have so much of negativity about everyone and everything as Indians!? Or is it because of social media and overexposure to it? Or is it due to lack of laws of legalized prostitution, porn, or lack of sex education? Or all of this? Think about it, from the basics of civic sense to the most “modern” use of technology, do we just criticize each and everything that we have stopped looking at the good we have always had!?

I am not a teacher, I am not yet a parent and not a psychologist but I have imagination. Imagine a world where kids grow up knowing no violence, only love and respect. What can the repercussions be? Just imagine when they are growing up, they are scolded only for discipline but apologized to and explained the reason of doing so. In a world where they do not know what bullying is because no other kid knows what bullying is, they do not know what a slap is, they do not know what pushing shoving is because they are corrected by the parents and given attention when they need it the most, if you are going to say who has time for that, then look at where the problem is, you have excuses, you can make time, even in the trains, without pushing shoving they let others go with respect, can you imagine a world like this?  I know it is hard but not impossible if we start right now.

When I was growing up I remember I was admitted to a ‘Sanskar varga’ not because we were bad kids but it was like a traditional thing to do where they taught us to respect elders, wash our hands feet when we come home, light diya and thank God for today, touch our parents feet and ask blessings, respect food on our plate and all the morals. It changed soon after my father got a heart attack and mother had to step up and take charge of the household but as kids, we grew up like that respecting elders, neighbors, every man and woman, we did not distinguish between poor and rich and color and caste until the society made us think in a limited way. I remember my sister used to wander off as a kid in her little petticoat and the fruit vendor, the vegetable vendor, the laundryman used to bring her back with no sexual intent ever.It was only when we started to grow hormones, we started realizing a few changes in us, we started feeling the difference between touches and knew who to stay comfortable with and who to stay away from. We have had our own share of eve teasing and molestations in public places, mostly during Ganesh festivals and Jatra, but we have also handled them with whatever limited maturity we had. Our parents were open to communication and helped us to heal from those scars by always encouraging us to speak up, call for help or take action, always supporting us whenever we needed them to take care of such issues. We had male friends all the time and as long as our parents were informed they were always accepting. We always were touching and joking and hugging, sitting close to each other but as we grew up we were told, not by our parents but society even by the paanwalah to stop wearing shorts, sleeveless clothes, neighbors telling us to cross our legs when we sit even when we wore full pants, to not touch guys too often, to keep a distance. As a growing woman you have to be independent and I was always the over sensitive one. I could cry at the drop of a needle. I hardly understood the hints men gave be it in professional life or personal. Ignorance was bliss. Now I look at the vegetable vendors, fruit vendors and laundrymen with doubt, making sure I don’t open doors for marketing guys or strangers. If I had to share a cab to work I would be careful. All men were suddenly threatening. But growing up I never heard so many stories of assaults, it may have existed but not to the extent it is today. Or is it better today because people have been quiet about it for so long and with the boom in social media they can use the platform to bring those crimes out in the open, if that is true, what society are we?  Aren’t we the same civilization that pride on Khajuraho, the same people who have goddesses with clothes clinging to their bodies, then suddenly why is everything sexual? Even little babies? Why is everyone a hypocrite? The other day I was asked why are shorts not appropriate in your country which only expose legs while you can wear the most revealing body hugging cloth called saree which is basically a crop top that shows cleavage all the time and has the back and mid riff always open!? I was speechless. How do I explain!? What needs training? Ofcourse the mind and getting rid of the pervert mentality that grows within young men. If we are hammered with pleasing the other half especially a woman taking the center stage to always look good, stay fit, always be presentable, look fair, set impossible standards, to be dictated terms on what to wear, how to sit, how to eat, be pretentious and careful all the time of her social existence and bring other women down to pull herself up, we are bringing down an entire country to its feet! With training young minds to treat each other with dignity and equality we also need to look deep down within ourselves to be aware of our existence as humans with skin and bones who has a limited time on earth with some kind of purpose that we were born to accomplish and what can be the biggest purpose than to serve humanity, to be kind and respectful, to be generous and forgiving? I am learning and growing everyday to be a human first!

Weird dreams

This morning I woke up with such a sad face. I had a dream about my favorite celebrity who I have a major crush on. I saw him come to my school and give me his personal number, I was ecstatic and I remember how eager I was for school to get over so that I could call him. When finally I dialed his number, turns out it was some driver’s number. I felt so sad and woke up with a sad face. I remember most of my dreams vividly like some 70mm movie.

When I was a kid, I used to think the earth is flat, not round,because we don’t fall.

When I was a toddler, my mother used to blackmail me into finishing my food, narrrating aa scary story thaat there is an old woman who eats children who don’t eat their food, so if she sees food in your plate you will be gobbled up, turns out it was just thee cloudsI would get so scared of!

In my teenage years I have had a recurring dream for many years that I was a servant of Cleopatra and then I would visit a museum called the ‘Noah’s ark’ and then inside the museum were special bullets that I used to accidentally shoot Cleopatra. Then I’d wake up scared.

Ofcourse I have had the regular train missing, misssing or not finishing exams, falling from the sky type of dreams as well. I have had so many celebrities visit me in my dreams but I fondly remember the one where Westlife came to pick me up for their concert! There are so many interpretations of dreams I wonder what they all mean!

They say if you change pillow covers frequently you don’t have dreams. I change mine every week, doesn’t help. Do you have weird dreams that you remember?

What’s in a name? What if the name is Indian?

I am in search of a job and I am sure a lot of recruiters might go through my resume wondering how to pronounce my name. Personally I have faced this problem, many people just can’t pronounce my name. Some people are cocky and just to sound confident they just butcher my name completely. Even English names for many people who do not know English are difficult. I also understand Chinese and African names can be tricky but Indian names are really not that tough. Most Indian names are derived from Hindu Gods and their characteristics. But there are many other religions in India that have different origins of names and what I like the best is most of them have meanings. But that post can be an intimidating one.
Here is an example of a South Indian Railway station Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta, it is pretty long. At first glance you may not read it right, even Indians might struggle. So how would you pronounce it? The problem is finding the right breaks. In this case, I would break it down to Venk-ata-nara-sim-hara-ju-va-ri-peta
The easiest thing is to write them down and break it down with syllables. You may not get it exactly right but the effort makes all the difference. The ‘i’ sound most of the time is ‘e’. Sometimes there are combined consonants like in the name Vaishnavi, shna is a combination of sh and na. Same way you would pronounce Schnitzel (meat dish) or Schnauzer(dog breed)? In literal sense Schnapps or Schnitzel or Schnauzer is more difficult since you don’t even know if the c should be pronounced. In that case ideally it should be like schedule or Skay-dule in British, Sk-napps, Sk-nit-zel or Sk-nauzer but in American English pronounciation of Schedule is Shay-duel therefore the advantage.
Something to remember is the Aah sound. Most names will have Aah like the name Akash – Aah-kaah-sh not A-cash. Some names start with Uh sound like Avinash – Uh-vi-nash. Some names end with aa sounds like Manisha which will be pronounced Ma-ni-shaa. Let’s see some common names and break them down.
Vaishnavi – Vai-shna-vi (Vayee-shna-v)
Dhruv – Dhr-uv (Dhr as in Threw just adding ‘the’ sound instead and uv as in ‘of’)
Abhilasha -Abhi-la-shaa (Bh as in Buh+huh Bhuh like in the word abhor)
Poornima – Poor-ni-maa alternatively Pour-ni-maa the common mistake is Poo-rni-ma
Fatima – Faa-ti-maa
Abhishek – Abhi-shek(I know how this would go by the rules (Ab-hi-shek)
Ashwati – Aah-shwa-ti (schwa as in Schwarzenegger)
Akriti – Aah-kri-ti (kri as in Chris) or Uck-riti
Chaitrali – Chai-tra-li
Akshata – Uck-sha-taa
Radhika – Raa-thee-kaa
Priyanka – (Pri as in Prius) Pri-yank-aa
Sneha – (Sne as in snail) Sne-hal (hull)
Prajakta – Pra(remember aa) – jak(juck) -taa
Bhoumik – Bhou ( as in thou with a b) mik(as in Mick Jagger)

Shraddha – Shra-ddha (the closest word I found is a shredder replace the r sound with aa)

So the next time you come across an Indian name just try to break it down or just ask if you got it right, as long as you are close enough you will earn lifelong respect for sure. Namaste!

Signs you might be over 30…

I cried the day I turned 30 years old. On my birthday I literally shed tears of sadness that my "youth" was over and "mid life" started. I couldn't fathom why God had to do this to me. Yes you may be reminded of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Exactly that. I couldn't believe I am not in my twenties anymore, suddenly I felt like I cannot make any more mistakes in life, I have to be older and wiser, but jokes apart I felt these signs after I turned 30. In all honesty I do feel like a strong, fierce, independent woman from time to time but I also feel what some women may relate to the list below:

1) I started noticing I injured myself easily and recovery took a wee bit longer than it did in my twenties.
2) Meditation and Yoga attracted me more than 4 hours or more of dancing late night at pubs.
3 I preferred lounge music than rock because I could listen to hours of rock music before and suddenly my preference had changed to soft easy listening and couldn't tolerate rock for more than an hour. Sad but true!
4) I wanted to stay in more than I wanted to go out.
5) Health check ups felt like a priority.
6) I was making more responsible choices in life like smoothies over coke!
7) Sleep was knocking me out pretty early, I was no more a night owl.
8) I felt all the aches and pains and joints that I had never noticed before.
9) Lots of been there done that experiences when people suggested to try something new.
10) The choices in my clothes changed, my shorts were too short I felt! Damn you ageing genes.
11) Started noticing almost every married couple has a kid and a panic attack was on its way like some alarm just went off!
12) The immediate thought was So what, I will take my own time! It will happen when it has to! Surround sound claps in my head for that thought alone!
13) Everything that was a rush was turned a dial down and 'smooth' was the new way to take.
14) I started feeling full easily, earlier it seemed like a never ending appetite.
15) Wine was a new friend and vodka got dumped.
16) It was time to live for myself, Selfish was the new mantra.
17) Flats were welcome, heels bid goodbye.
18) Comfort was now a luxury.
19) No more screaming with excitement, shouting at puppies or babies, snorting while laughing, more conscious social behavior.
20) Nailpaints and lipsticks were easily tossed for newer neutral nuder shades.
21) Social media updates take longgggggg breaks.
22) Did I mention gray hair everywhere?
23) Too much time spent on weighing scale than exercising.
24) So many judgemental remarks comparing generations.
25) Limited girl gang. No more mosh pits full of girls everywhere, the more the better, no lesser the quieter, more manageable, lesser hassles.
26) Money slips easily out of hands.
27) Knowledge is favored over entertainment.
28) Lots of feminism talks/chats/opinions.
29) Lots and lots of opinions.
30) The best part is no more asking permissions, just doing it, ah the sense of liberation!

Judgement Day!

The beautiful thing about this post is that the title is not related to any religious sentiment, so I hope it won’t trigger any religious responses but when I start by saying this it makes me realize how easily I can come to the point that I know each and everyone reading this post will have a judgement. That is what this post is about.

I was walking towards the gym one day and passed by the community pool and heard a little voice almost too excited, exclaimed ‘Hi!’ I looked back to see who it was and if it was me that they wanted to say Hi to, it is not very common these days to get even a smile from strangers forget a Hi! It was a little kid about 3 or 4 ready to jump into the pool with his little shoulder floats and just shorts accompanied by his mom or guardian who didn’t manage to curve those laugh lines even a little bit. It was more like an invitation from him to say Hi wanna come swim? I just smiled back. I always do. Also, I had read somewhere to always smile at kids it boosts their confidence rather than turning away or looking away that sends a message of shutting down. Another day it was a little girl just jumping around splashing water everywhere, she was older about 6 or 7 and even bolder who asked me in a sweet voice, Hi, why are you not swimming? I replied, I am not wearing the right clothes and she replied so innocently so what, the water is so nice, you should come. I considered it for a second and then I glanced across at the pool ‘rules’ board. I must admit I am not a daring person to break rules. It does take guts and sometimes stupidity to break rules. Sometimes I lack the guts sometimes the stupidity. But the way she kept convincing me I was thinking wow if only her mother heard her talking to a stranger and she did, the glare her mom gave me to stop talking to her daughter, I just scurried off saying may be I will see her Friday afternoon if she comes back. As soon as I stepped away the little girl got an earful about not talking to strangers. I felt bad for the kid who has no idea or judgments on what a stranger can do if he/she is friendly or a pervert. No judgement at all. Whereas both mothers had already judged me just by glancing at me that I was no good talking or responding to their kids. I am sure by the age of 9 or 10 kids start immitating adults if they see adults not interacting socially they refrain as well and then it triggers the aspect of judgement. Kids start judging peers, start having trust issues and get bullied or bully others, if only adults can show them it can be a better place if people are more friendly and peaceful towards each other.

Believe me I judge a lot, each and every day, everything and everyone. But that innocence struck a weird chord in my heart, where is that innocence, that trust, most of us had it, but where did it go? I remember vividly my sister just 3 or 4 would wander away even with the nanny around house. The fruit vendor, vegetable vendor, the laundry man would bring her back holding her hand and she was the prettiest of kids with bluish grey eyes, fair skin and red lips wearing mostly her sleeveless one piece cotton dress. Were there any trust issues? No, not really. How did it change over the years!? Who is to blame? I keep questioning, doubting everything and everyone. Is it just that thinking that attracts crime or misfortune? Judgement day will come when it will come but isn’t it time to judge our own thoughts and correct them first before we pass judgements on others? Judging people on their color, race, age, decisions, appearance, past. Then again who are we to judge others in the first place? For that reason alone can we rebuild the innocence of children when it comes to trust and make this a safer place for the future generations to grow up?

Where should I start…

Believe me, I am completely clueless as to why I cannot be consistent, be it writing, studying, or finding something I really love and honestly I love writing but since dad passed away I fall short of words. It is like learning to read and write again, life just seemed to stop even when it did not stop in reality. My imagination has been limited. Although my recent visit to India has put me back on track somehow, no wonder I am writing this now! Where should I start now? Have people in my life changed? Not really. Have times changed? Yes, drastically. In this world of technology, people care more on Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook,than in reality. More of pings, pokes, emoticons, expressing in limited characters when life should be more of talking, seeing reactions with your own eyes, but somehow everyone is comfortable with what is going on…be it politics, religion, terrorism, violence, chores, jobs, everything is so peaceful in a disturbing way. Selfies are more common and selfishness is the need of the day!

I feel lost sometimes in all of this, feel that somehow I don’t belong to this age, that I should take birth again in the days where air was pollution free, vehicles were not so common, public transport was used more, mother nature was adored and glorified, religion was more bearable because not everyone objected, only a few were opinionated and we called them arrogant and ignored them. We were great kids to our parents, not demanding at all compared to the kids today. Our parents were also patient and not agitated and never handed over electronic devices for us to let them have their moment. They would include us in their moments. Cameras were only to capture special moments not daily life. Music and movies were only limited to entertain and not for skin show.We never regarded young girls as flesh, even when they were bare bodied as toddlers, it was like Adam and Eve until they ate the forbidden fruit, now everyone wants them to be covered up because they might fall prey to sinful organs. There were not as many chemicals, pesticides in the food that we ate, there was less of advertisement and more of trying stuff out. Makeup was only limited to celebrities now it hard to distinguish between an average person and a celebrity. Life was much simpler when people were harmoniously living with nature. To adjust to this demanding life, make sense and to find myself will take time, patience and consistency.

Thank you, Sorry, Welcome

As Indians, we are never taught to appreciate ourselves. It is always never good enough for anyone except our true friends. But even sometimes when they do something good or we do something good and we appreciate it and say good job, we do not know how to thank them, it feels awkward or they simply reply ‘it was my job’. I don’t understand why. Why should we feel awkward to say Thank you. And even more sad is saying you are welcome. In friendship no sorry no thank you is the worst rule, if we did something bad acknowledging it and trying to correct it is never bad. It is only good news. It means somebody cares enough that they will speak up. Saying Thank you means you are feeling grateful, when did feeling grateful become formal or unnecessary. Infact all religious teachings say that we should always be grateful. Also saying welcome means you acknowledge that whatever help, service, things were given are being appreciated and it is only something that can improve self confidence, reinforce trust,then why feel awkward or think it is a formality to do so? Somehow as kids we are always taught to say Thank you, Sorry, Welcome but as soon as we grow up, we feel it is an obligation to say these words, also we know a lot more than just thank you, sorry and welcome, we know jealousy, ego, hurt and so many other things that forbid us to say these things and mean them. Social media has added to the list of negative emotions, everybody is either criticizing something or gets offended by something. Appreciation is only in the form of likes and loves as if it some kind of a benchmark for social acceptance. Due to less and less interaction in person and more on social media, we have forgotten the basic etiquette, of using excuse me, sorry, welcome, thank you. If somehow you do that in public you are again judged as prissy or arrogant.  

I was watching ‘Ramayan’, the old television series back in the 90s that was a regular show to watch without missing even one episode. Yes a lot of the wisdom is no longer applicable in this day and age, but there is still so much relevant stuff but the thing I noticed was everytime someone was praised they refused to take it and said it was their ‘kartavya’, duty. We have been taught to perform our duties but not be appreciated for it. Doesn’t appreciation strike the right chord and help us do the same thing again only better? What about karma then? The more you give the more you will get in return right? So if you thank or appreciate someone for doing good, it will only come back? What about the law of attraction? It will come back manifold, right? Then what is the bad news in this? Just want to thank whosoever is reading this blog. You can always say, welcome! 

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