What makes you happy!?

What makes you happy? Shopping, talking to friends on the phone, gossiping, comments on your posts on FB, chatting on BBM, flaunting the latest fashion trend, new I-phone app, celebrity tweets, a hottie with an hour-glass figure or a hunk with a clean shaved chest!?

I was cooking chicken day before yesterday and the zesty lemon flavor lingering on my fingers when I squeezed a little lemon juice over the chicken curry, it just made me really happy from the inside!A small ray of sun while putting the clothes to dry made me literally blush as if it was teasing me! The joy on seeing Winter(my 8 month old Rottweiler) swim – indescribable! A little butterfly fluttering around the car while I was busy concentrating on my driving lessons.Stopping and listening to ‘When I was a just a little girl’ while surfing channels. Finding an old picture or a movie stub while cleaning the drawers is such a rare pleasure. A hidden note/poem/love-letter/coin/stamp/rose bring such fond memories back to life. When you feel you are having the best day ever!

Maturity mixed with a little childishness is my kind of life which makes me a very happy person indeed! So, what makes YOU happy?


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