The waft of Tandoori Chicken being cooked beseeches my attention in the shortest span of time. People say I have a very strong sense of smell! How can one ignore something as delicious as freshly made patties! Or French Fries! If someone offers you a soft, succulent cupcake, will you be rigid enough to turn away!?
Be it an Italian Pasta, a Japanese Sushi, a Lebanese Shawarma, a German Black forest cake, a Russian Shashlyk, a French Croissant, a Chinese Fried Rice or an Indian Butter chicken! I am sure by now we are all day-dreaming, drooling over all these different foods! Frankly, good food is a big turn-on for me! And given the fact that I am Indian, I have so much to discuss what could be on my platter! And I could go on endlessly…..The love for food made me take up a free-lancing hobby (would not like to call it a job) of being a Food Journalist! I had started visiting the famous and sometimes the not so famous hotels all because of my passion for food.

I love my India for the variety it has to offer! Be it languages, ethnic groups, multi-cultural events, climate, food, everything has a variety. The aroma of spices lingering in the streets of India is more than enough to draw your attention to the Indian cuisine. Once you prepare your mind to indulge, the plethora of food available to you will be surprising!
If you move from southern India to the north, you will notice a fluctuating change in the spice intensity added to each dish.  The state of Chennai will boast of using a lot of tamarind such as in ‘Rasam’ with rice which is a staple food there. Whereas Punjab in the north has a lot of ‘ Garam Masala’ in dishes like ‘Chicken tikka masala’ and the daily food consists more of stuffed flat bread called a ‘Paratha’. ‘Paneer’ or cottage cheese recipes are a perfect substitution of meat for vegetarians!
Another interesting fact is, there are a few common ingredients that one will notice if you are in a coastal region. The use of coconuts, bananas, and curry leaves is intriguing. A perfect example would be comparing Kerala and Goa. These two states have a lot in common. Apart from the coconut groves, both the cuisines include coconuts in the curries, especially the fish curries. Both the states also include pork and beef dishes which is not a common pursuit for the majority of Indians.
As far as the western India is concerned, the originator of ‘Wada pav’ many relate it to a Burger, is a very popular dish in Maharashtra, a state with one of the most cosmopolitan population in the country. The ‘Rasgulla’ originally from the state of Orissa is a heart stealing dessert of many across India. The ‘Dhokla’ from Gujarat is a must-have in snacks! The recent addition are the ‘Momos’ from east India that are getting some attention!
The many facets of Indian cuisine are a worthy experience. The country is not only rich in culture and demographics but has a lot to offer for a foodatarian like me!


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  1. vishal swami
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 20:38:13

    Grt work poo


  2. Adhish
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 09:49:42

    OMG pooo what an observations!!! You are die hard foody person yaar!!! Briliant work


  3. Kirti Vishal Sarode
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 11:23:04

    we all r proud of u dear!! bundlers ka naam roshan karo..i m sure u will go places…All the best & GOD BLESS…


  4. Ravdeep Gill
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 16:13:28

    nice one.. keep em coming 🙂


    • poohalicious
      Jan 10, 2012 @ 03:44:51

      Thank you so much Ravdeep!
      Thanks Kirti…more to come…someday hoping this blogging helps me in some or the other way!
      Thanks Adhish…you know how much I love food!


  5. poohalicious
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 03:48:49

    Thanks Vishu! Keep coming bk to read


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