Inglis is a berry phunny langedge

Berries – Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Mulberry, Cranberry, Raspberry, Gooseberry, etc. The reason I mentioned these berries is because I have a limited knowledge of them. The same goes with the English language. I love the English language. In school I had this motivating teacher who would appreciate and encourage my love for the language. It inspired me to write poems, made me read lots of Enid Blyton books, tricked me into trying to solve crossword puzzles, got me into a habit of reading (even the tiniest bit of scrunched paper I brought eggs in for breakfast!). I was taught in school the word ‘tortoise’ pronounced as ‘tor-toy-is’, which was rubbished by another teacher in college(a woman I respect for letting me develop my interest in the language) calling it tor-tus’! It intrigued me, have I been saying it all wrong, this and many other things I thought I was good at!?
Post college, I stepped into a professional environment where everybody loved showing off their language skills and then there was enough British aura around, people wanted to act and sound like them. Fortunately, I happened to travel to Southampton, visited London and just couldn’t stop admiring the language. I was pleased every time I heard the , ‘You alright?’ although it was too casual to be called British English. I think British English is elegant. I have never seen any of my British friends using a shortcut while writing sentences! ‘I am’ becomes ‘m’, you becomes u, because becomes coz, so on and so forth….I blame it on the SMS lingo. I did that once during my exams, I realized it and immediately corrected the mistake! Even while learning German in school, I would get confused if the word ‘shock’ was spelled as ‘schock’! Even within the language there are variations. There is a Hindi song which questions if P U T is ‘Pu-t’ why is B U T – ‘Butt’! The famous example of GHOTI = FISH (GH pronounced F as in Enough, O is I as in Women, TI is SH as in Nation). As if the complications weren’t enough, written and spoken forms of American and British English make it even harder. I had mentioned this in an earlier post, but Brinjal taught in school is Eggplant or Aubergine abroad, Capsicum is Red, Green, Yellow pepper or Bell pepper, Lady finger is Okra, Lotus is Water Lily, Petrol is Gas and many other differences. Then there are the phonetics! I find American English too casual. ‘O’ is ‘aa’, ‘A’ is ‘ae’ as in God is Gaad, Ask is Aesk, ‘T’ becomes ‘d ‘ as in Meeting is Meeding, the Rs and Ls are rolled! But I think that the funniest pronunciations are found in India when the local crowd in Maharashtra, South India, Punjab, Gujarat etc. have their own Ingleesh, Yinglish, Inglisha, Inglees! The mockery of the language has no barriers in my country!
Well, I have heard more good, much better, but not most best! Ha! We often make a mistake between carrier and career which are two entirely different words, accept and except, appraise and apprise, desert and dessert, and many other words. Revert back is one of the most common mistakes in business emails. I am not a scholar, but I feel insulted with sentences like, ” I didn’t knew!”, ” They does not feel that way” and I feel the need to go back to school days and start all over again!
There is so much to explore on this, instead I will sign off with these two versions…..



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  1. Swati
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 12:04:19

    English is indeed a very funny language 😀


  2. Kadambari Khaire
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 21:21:47

    Lovely article and so dam true


  3. adhiesh
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 13:07:21

    heyyy nise riting…. it means nice writing


  4. Ajita
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 14:19:35

    so true..!! inglish is a phunny language..yes no..?!!!! 😛
    although i read your other articles rather fleetingly..loved your writing style..!


  5. writejudi
    Feb 13, 2014 @ 22:38:16

    Your writing is wonderful. I look forward to reading all your posts. Kudos to you (I’m laughing, given my own blogpost today.)


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    Sep 13, 2014 @ 18:58:39

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