Food and Mood

Often I keep comparing people, things, situations with food! That’s what makes me a food addict! The fact that chocolate is not tempting to me is a lil odd, but ice creams make up for it! My favorite Bollywood star is Hrithik Roshan as everyone knows!!! He is a Banana Split,with three of my favourite toppings, please don’t misunderstand, banana in half is like him in real and reel life, the three scoops are his heart, mind, soul, a lil drizzle of my favourite syrup is like his words, yummy dry fruits are his abs, and whipped cream and cherries are like his soft hair and his talent respectively! So there, I have explained how I compare people to food! Similarly, I can compare everyone with food!
If I am in a gooey situation, it  will be described as the last bite of junk food with lots of dripping mayo….that would be an ideal ‘I am slipping’ moment…..or a sticky situation would be like getting my hands into a pot of honey!! No wonder my dad used to jokingly say when I’d fail to remember the multiplication table of 13 and could memorize advertisements on TV, pointing to my head, ”Only onions and potatoes in there!’ It made me chuckle shamelessly.
I cannot help myself when my husband says something provoking, I tend to retort in my foodie language…like ‘I am not the secret ingredient!?’ or ‘I am not going to give a “tadka” to the situation.’ Even when I have to give a compliment, I end up saying to my sister ‘Wow your cheeks are so soft like the cream inside a tender coconut!’ or ‘Your hairstyle is so beautiful like sushi rolled in seaweed!’ or ‘Wow, you looking sexy today like a prawns pickle!’ I am not exaggerating when I say aphrodisiac foods affect me in the right way! My mind definitely secretes those fiery hormones when I look at presentable, delicious food! Food affects my mood, there could be science involved, but as far as I am concerned sweet makes me happy, spicy keeps me on the edge, sour makes me irritated!
While I cook alone in the house, I run a live commentary like ‘The water was boiling with anger when rice tried to calm it down. It jumped right in and there it was the calmness before the storm..and suddenly it got ferocious, frothing, I had to interfere …..and that’s how I cook rice…or while cutting veggies I pretend they are celebrities and I am the fashion police,”Here comes the carrot wearing a skintight orange bodycon dress and looking so ravishing in that size zero figure!”  People find passion in all sorts of stuff, food is my passion! It starts a conversation! Food means the world to me! Benjamin Franklin said, “Eat to live, don’t live to eat!”, but I think I don’t eat to live, I live to eat!!!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sayali kulkarni
    Apr 18, 2012 @ 00:31:19

    hahahahaha!! you are so funny! keep writing!


  2. Vinit
    Apr 18, 2012 @ 11:04:34

    Sour photo was completely unnecessary, now get me that tangy raw mango


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