I am Cloud

So refreshing, a spritz of rain, a small cloud was passing by. I felt like dancing in those tiny droplets and soaking up in the cool water, drenched, teasing the scorching sun! This sounds like a fairytale or a sequence from a romantic movie.
If I was to write an autobiography of a cloud, it would be funny and a little nasty too! The above instance would be me sneezing! I would be a proud cloud, who loves to play hide and seek with the sun, has lots of friends, like the trees, the wind, the lightning, and the moon. Those thunderstorms crack me up sometimes because they sound like a rumbling tummy! You know what happens later, right!? It rains, hmm, now what could that be!? A cloud wanting to pee or cry?

What about the wind? A friend conspiring to scare people! Karma is a b*tch, they say! You hurt Mother Nature by cutting trees, wait till I call Wind and tell it to huff and puff and you guys are going to get hurt real bad!
I do pose when Lightning tries to click a picture with flash! Oh, but it’s like a horrid gimmick played on people when I want her to strike like they show in cartoons, a burnt barbecue! Oooh ooooh, and I update my status too! Like when people are thinking too much I take the shape of thinking bubble!

I go into depression sometimes, when I turn all black! I am at my philosophical best during the sunsets. I love to have a sun bath in the mornings, it’s all Vitamin D.

I don’t know if you have noticed but angels sit with us, we are like really good friends and I do give a high-five to my bro the mountain! I like to play with the dust, move it from one place to other, like you guys play with the sand.
The rarest thing I do is paint! I can only paint in 7 colors, my painting is very famous, called ‘Rainbow’. If you are thinking you can hide from me and do something, it is very difficult, I am constantly watching, except for when you hide in those hideous structures called buildings.
I love it when you guys are travelling in an airplane, I form a sea of clouds with my friends! I like to tempt you to come and sit on my soft fluffy back! I love it even more when kids want to play the guessing game and I take up different shapes. No wonder they also love cotton candy! I hope you know who the inspiration behind it is!?


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