My Sun sign is Cancer. I am crabby by nature! It is true. I keep complaining, this is not right, that is not true, this is immoral, that is unhygienic, this and that! I am always complaining. You will get irritated if you stay with me for 24 hours. But a proverb just got my eye day before yesterday. I had to write this post so that I can remind myself what I need to do about what I am going to write now!”When we were children we were grateful to those who filled our stockings at Christmas time. Why are we not grateful to God for filling our stockings with legs?” G.K. Chesterton.Now doesn’t that speak in volumes! Why are we not thankful and instead always cribbing, crying, complaining?

Try it. Thank someone once genuinely like you really mean it, and not just use the word. What a huge difference it can make! You will have a smile across your face, a spontaneous one, not just a formality.Image I am not trying to preach or advise anything, although I could be a good counselor/adviser I am sure. Just try it, genuinely mean your Sorrys, Thank yous, Hellos, you will feel a difference, a positive one. When you try this on others, try it once on yourself too, look at the positive effect. Try saying, I can do this, even if you don’t have the skills, don’t know how to go about it, if you just believe you can do it, you will, doors will open, if not doors, windows will! This was just like a light shining, I couldn’t see it earlier, but now I can see it. It’s like the feeling of you going in the morning to open the closed doors and windows, the morning light that comes in, so pleasant, you can see things clearer, the darkness goes away.

We keep requesting God, I need this, demanding our parents, I need that! But once in a day say Thank you to God, I have started it! As soon as I get up in the morning, I say Thank you! It makes a huge difference, I am making it a habit, but that doesn’t mean I should mutter it without meaning it. I mean it. Say Thank you to your parents for everything! Just once, you will know! That is such an amazing feeling. I am going to love this word “Gratitude”.

Oh and Thank you!!! Genuinely, I mean it, from my heart, for reading this post.


Thank you


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