Transition from a Best Friend-Girl Friend-Wife! Part II

Continued from Part I …..

Roses are red, Violets are blue,

I never knew love until I found you!

The ‘Boyfriend-Girlfriend’ stage is so complex yet beautiful. You want to make it public, but you can’t make it official just yet because you are not sure yet if he/she is ‘The One’. There are a few jealous creeps who want to ruin it all for you and your special one. You tend to forget it all when your boyfriend is like ‘Rocky’ or ‘Rambo’ to you who protects you from all the bad guys! Although he may not have the physique, but he has mental strength, which makes sense when you are in love. Everything that your boyfriend talks is some sort of wisdom to you. You start believing all his words and respect him for having general knowledge which is up-to-date and with the times. You go weak in the knees and have million butterflies trying to escape from your stomach tickling you from inside, and you believe it is true when he says ‘You are the most beautiful girl in the world’, ‘You have the most beautiful smile, the most beautiful eyes!’ ,’Your laughter is like a child’s so pure and innocent’. This is the ‘Golden era’. You are the center of attention, his football or cricket matches are not a priority, You

He will sacrifice a regular ‘boys’ night for just a glimpse of you. He will ignore his best friend, cut his calls short but will talk endlessly to you on the phone. He will talk of stars and moon and how his life is empty without you in it. You hold hands, cuddle, a little PDA here and there. You tell your siblings or your best friends about how ‘He is the One’ and bore them to death with your adjectives and how romantic he is.  You take time and want to say the three magical words but wait till he says it. But not too long, because you can’t hold them back any longer. You could just pee in the pants a little with that much excitement!!! And those three words are said, “I Love You”. You could just swoon the entire day, even at the most hated song of all times.  You have those airy feet like you may fly anytime. And the gifts increase now. They are more intense. You have lots of fights in this stage, but they bring you even closer. You will make some more friends(his), he will make lesser friends(yours). You will promise somethings and so will he.

You are not afraid to show them off any longer. Now even your relatives know you are officially “in a relationship”. Now there are no more “matrimony discussions” within the family members at family gatherings and social functions. He is now also your official driver.  If it is a job interview, a best friend’s wedding, a cousin’s birthday, a nephew’s christening, he is everywhere. On status updates, in your diary, in your phone, on your walls…oh no that was the poster of your favorite actor! Rewind… your…..heart you pervert!

The big day takes a longer time, but if you walk down the road, in a few months, you do stop at a point, reflect at the journey and decide if you want to take a halt here or go ahead to explore the unknown territories. The brakessssssssssssss……. Part III in the making….. to be continued…….


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