Transition from a Best Friend-Girl Friend-Wife! Part III

Part III continued from Part II

You are so sure by now that this is the person you want to lose all your teeth with and still struggle to talk! The environment at home just seems busy with parents meeting parents, choosing date, venue and time, shopping, planning the wedding, everything seems to happen too fast. Time flies by at a supersonic speed. The D-Day is here. You are excited and nervous at the same time with a plethora of mixed emotions in your mind, about the new life, finally bridging the gap, no longer dying to see each other scenarios!  A completely new chapter in your life is waiting to start! Wedding goes well. Muscles relax. You are now light on your feet. You are newly-weds, meeting relatives, visiting temples and all holy places, socializing and introducing your spouse to everyone, celebrating. You are glowing with pride and loving it all. This effect lasts for about 6 months.

So now you are a part of a daily soap instead of a weekend program that leaves you some mystery behind, instead things get predictable. By now, you are used to waking up next to an ugly morning face, a set routine day! There are automatically some do’s and dont’s. You don’t check each other’s phones, you do call each other once in a day at the least. Personal spaces are now marked territories. Now you are a little conscious of your PDA. You have distributed who does what, the garbage always goes to the men and doing the dishes to women! Now you no longer bore your friends instead it is encouraging to joke and gossip about family members and spouses. You know all the burps and farts that never existed in your boyfriend-girlfriend relationship! You praise the good habits in public and despise the bad ones in person, cribbing everyday. The husband is now complaining and so is the wife. The complaints differ from the girlfriend-boyfriend stage, now you are not comparing anyone else’s dress and asking them to learn how to dress like that, now you are complaining of choice, you are complaining of an overflowing wardrobe, of how you can’t keep the socks and hankies in their original place, how you throw away shoes and towels here and there, how the food is not as good as mother’s, how your in-laws treat you, how the other couple looked happier, how you have changed, how you don’t remember special occasions, how you don’t spend quality time with each other, only two of you, since you are with each other 24/7!

This could be a bit overwhelming to single people, but married people have their own fun too!

Now you are so independent, no one asks you any complicated questions, you are not answerable to anyone except each other, you have free will to go out, party with anyone, socialize  shop! There is no room of doubt, suspicion, or the fear of commitment.  You are always looking out for each other even if you don’t see each other the whole week due to work or other responsibilities. You share burdens, joy and sadness. Making a few sacrifices, compromises, adjustments to keep everyone happy. You are literally together in sickness and in health. Now wherever you go, whatever you do, you are buy one get one free! It is only, we and us! It is not ‘ a lot like love’, it is LOVE!

This ends the trilogy of the girlfriend to wife transition, I am enjoying each phase and looking forward to more of those to come. I pray that you stay satisfied and together in love and marriage forever and ever!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anagha Gharpure
    May 15, 2013 @ 06:32:06

    Sooo true 🙂 U’ve put the phases into words very nicely !! Keep writing 🙂


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