Rambling Mind Ep. 2 Part 1

Childhood: Being nostalgic is flipping through your own photo book in your mind! There are so many memories, I wish there was something (now that the technology is so advanced) or someone who could just print them out, wouldn’t it be wonderful! From the most vague memories to day-dreams to the most vivid ones. Some things I would want to change and some let them stay that way.Rambling mind

I have listed down a few which makes me want to live life all over again :

1)      My sister looked very beautiful like a German baby with blue eyes and red lips when she was a baby, I don’t remember her as a baby, but I do remember the way she ate ice-cream, her small cute little face smeared with ice-cream, her sticky hands and her clothes eating more of the ice-cream than she did.

2)      I remember my gift on my 13th birthday, a small Alsatian female pup, we named her Elsa, after the movie “Born Free”. She was my favorite dog out of all the ones I have ever had!

3)      Dad’s favorite breakfast that he taught me as my first ever experiment in the kitchen, and after all these years, it’s my favorite too: Half fried egg and toasted bread slices.

4)      My mom’s long gorgeous hair! Thick, black, wavy and just plain beautiful.

5)      My first bicycle ride on my own.

6)      My first fall wearing roller skates.

7)      The wedding of the dolls, a Charlie Chaplin Doll, we married him off to a pretty looking Doll under a tree in front of our apartment. We invited our neighborhood friends for the party and made small bowl size ‘chapatis’ and ‘chutney’ and drank ‘Rasna’ equivalent to Sunkist. It was a hit.

8)      My Imaginary friend “Tammylan”, much inspired by Enid Blyton books and the movie “Drop Dead Fred”

9)      My first ever best friends divided into categories. “School bus best friend” , “Class Best friend”,  “Sharing Tiffin box best friend”, “Behaved nice today, Today’s best friend”, “Best birthday gift best friend”!!!

10)   When my favorite flowers were Gladiolas and Lotus.

11)    The little Christmas celebration we used to have even though I was not a Christian.

12)   Innocent New Year parties with just dancing and fried snacks on the terraces!

13)   My first dream of becoming a poet!

14)   My first crush!

15)   My first fight in school with a girl!

Desks in an Empty Classroom

To be continued…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anagha Gharpure
    May 15, 2013 @ 06:09:50

    Superb !! Loved it !! Looking forward to reading more of these !! 🙂 Made me nostalgic too…


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