A list of Awkward moments in my life and a few my friends shared with me, trust me I won’t give out names!  Feel free to share yours in the comments below!

  1. When you are watching a movie with parents and suddenly a ‘steamy scene’ starts! Awkward!
  2. When no one finds your joke funny. Awkward!
  3. When no one laughs but you are clapping and snorting at a silly joke. Awkward!
  4. When you laugh in a serious conversation because you remembered a joke told to you day before yesterday! Awkward!
  5. When you are drinking water and spit it out on a friend because you couldn’t control laughing! Awkward!
  6. When being photographed at a wedding while you are just trying to put in a morsel of food! Awkward!
  7. When you try giving a high-five and get no response! Awkward!
  8. When a friend is hurling abuses at someone and parents hear it all! Awkward!
  9. When your phone rings in a quiet cinema hall, church or hospital! Awkward!
  10. When you just have to sit and watch while your friend is being yelled at by his parents! Awkward!
  11. When your mom suddenly comes in while you were watching a ‘nasty movie’! Awkward! Shameful! Frightened!
  12. When you are making fun of someone and they are standing right behind you! Ouch! Awkward!
  13. While you are making fun of someone and you become the butt of ridicule by the end of the conversation! Awkward!
  14. When you want to be angry at someone but they end up making you laugh! Awkward!
  15. When you are writing your exam and you realize you studied for the wrong subject and you feel like laughing and crying at the same time! Awkward! Darn! You are screwed!

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