A red dress!

This year all I wanted for Christmas was a red dress. Not because it is trendy or fashionable, because Santa wears red, or red might look good on me. I just wanted a simple red dress. It is such a simple need for a simple reason known to all, red signifies love. This Christmas all I wanted was to spread love, give it and get it.https://poohalicious.wordpress.com

Christmas eve was spent preparing for a Christmas party. We went for a midnight mass, it was not exceptional, but it was good. We called everyone and wished. Christmas day, we threw a little Christmas party at home, cooked a lot of Indian food. I wore a green kurta that day.

If only I had my red dress, I’d have so much love to pour out but I realized something in the process of finding a new red dress.  Receiving love is not so easy as it seems, giving is easier I feel. Receiving is difficult. Even otherwise, giving blessings, giving gifts, giving abuses, it is all easy, but receiving hope, receiving presents or receiving bad intentions, sad feelings is not always a possibility. So when it comes to receiving love, it never comes back as expected. Again, I stumble upon the same rock of expectations. I try to learn from the past, but all I repeat is mistakes not the learnings. For some people it is easier to show love, respect, empathy, but for some it is a responsibility, a formality or a forced reaction that does not come from the heart. Love has to be unconditional, they say, but in today’s world, I am not sure if that saying is true anymore. Love is unconditional*  (*terms and conditions apply)

I searched and searched, but did not find the red dress I wanted for Christmas. Merry Christmas!


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