Weird dreams

This morning I woke up with such a sad face. I had a dream about my favorite celebrity who I have a major crush on. I saw him come to my school and give me his personal number, I was ecstatic and I remember how eager I was for school to get over so that I could call him. When finally I dialed his number, turns out it was some driver’s number. I felt so sad and woke up with a sad face. I remember most of my dreams vividly like some 70mm movie.

When I was a kid, I used to think the earth is flat, not round,because we don’t fall.

When I was a toddler, my mother used to blackmail me into finishing my food, narrrating aa scary story thaat there is an old woman who eats children who don’t eat their food, so if she sees food in your plate you will be gobbled up, turns out it was just thee cloudsI would get so scared of!

In my teenage years I have had a recurring dream for many years that I was a servant of Cleopatra and then I would visit a museum called the ‘Noah’s ark’ and then inside the museum were special bullets that I used to accidentally shoot Cleopatra. Then I’d wake up scared.

Ofcourse I have had the regular train missing, misssing or not finishing exams, falling from the sky type of dreams as well. I have had so many celebrities visit me in my dreams but I fondly remember the one where Westlife came to pick me up for their concert! There are so many interpretations of dreams I wonder what they all mean!

They say if you change pillow covers frequently you don’t have dreams. I change mine every week, doesn’t help. Do you have weird dreams that you remember?


What’s in a name? What if the name is Indian?

I am in search of a job and I am sure a lot of recruiters might go through my resume wondering how to pronounce my name. Personally I have faced this problem, many people just can’t pronounce my name. Some people are cocky and just to sound confident they just butcher my name completely. Even English names for many people who do not know English are difficult. I also understand Chinese and African names can be tricky but Indian names are really not that tough. Most Indian names are derived from Hindu Gods and their characteristics. But there are many other religions in India that have different origins of names and what I like the best is most of them have meanings. But that post can be an intimidating one.
Here is an example of a South Indian Railway station Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta, it is pretty long. At first glance you may not read it right, even Indians might struggle. So how would you pronounce it? The problem is finding the right breaks. In this case, I would break it down to Venk-ata-nara-sim-hara-ju-va-ri-peta
The easiest thing is to write them down and break it down with syllables. You may not get it exactly right but the effort makes all the difference. The ‘i’ sound most of the time is ‘e’. Sometimes there are combined consonants like in the name Vaishnavi, shna is a combination of sh and na. Same way you would pronounce Schnitzel (meat dish) or Schnauzer(dog breed)? In literal sense Schnapps or Schnitzel or Schnauzer is more difficult since you don’t even know if the c should be pronounced. In that case ideally it should be like schedule or Skay-dule in British, Sk-napps, Sk-nit-zel or Sk-nauzer but in American English pronounciation of Schedule is Shay-duel therefore the advantage.
Something to remember is the Aah sound. Most names will have Aah like the name Akash – Aah-kaah-sh not A-cash. Some names start with Uh sound like Avinash – Uh-vi-nash. Some names end with aa sounds like Manisha which will be pronounced Ma-ni-shaa. Let’s see some common names and break them down.
Vaishnavi – Vai-shna-vi (Vayee-shna-v)
Dhruv – Dhr-uv (Dhr as in Threw just adding ‘the’ sound instead and uv as in ‘of’)
Abhilasha -Abhi-la-shaa (Bh as in Buh+huh Bhuh like in the word abhor)
Poornima – Poor-ni-maa alternatively Pour-ni-maa the common mistake is Poo-rni-ma
Fatima – Faa-ti-maa
Abhishek – Abhi-shek(I know how this would go by the rules (Ab-hi-shek)
Ashwati – Aah-shwa-ti (schwa as in Schwarzenegger)
Akriti – Aah-kri-ti (kri as in Chris) or Uck-riti
Chaitrali – Chai-tra-li
Akshata – Uck-sha-taa
Radhika – Raa-thee-kaa
Priyanka – (Pri as in Prius) Pri-yank-aa
Sneha – (Sne as in snail) Sne-hal (hull)
Prajakta – Pra(remember aa) – jak(juck) -taa
Bhoumik – Bhou ( as in thou with a b) mik(as in Mick Jagger)

Shraddha – Shra-ddha (the closest word I found is a shredder replace the r sound with aa)

So the next time you come across an Indian name just try to break it down or just ask if you got it right, as long as you are close enough you will earn lifelong respect for sure. Namaste!

Signs you might be over 30…

I cried the day I turned 30 years old. On my birthday I literally shed tears of sadness that my "youth" was over and "mid life" started. I couldn't fathom why God had to do this to me. Yes you may be reminded of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Exactly that. I couldn't believe I am not in my twenties anymore, suddenly I felt like I cannot make any more mistakes in life, I have to be older and wiser, but jokes apart I felt these signs after I turned 30. In all honesty I do feel like a strong, fierce, independent woman from time to time but I also feel what some women may relate to the list below:

1) I started noticing I injured myself easily and recovery took a wee bit longer than it did in my twenties.
2) Meditation and Yoga attracted me more than 4 hours or more of dancing late night at pubs.
3 I preferred lounge music than rock because I could listen to hours of rock music before and suddenly my preference had changed to soft easy listening and couldn't tolerate rock for more than an hour. Sad but true!
4) I wanted to stay in more than I wanted to go out.
5) Health check ups felt like a priority.
6) I was making more responsible choices in life like smoothies over coke!
7) Sleep was knocking me out pretty early, I was no more a night owl.
8) I felt all the aches and pains and joints that I had never noticed before.
9) Lots of been there done that experiences when people suggested to try something new.
10) The choices in my clothes changed, my shorts were too short I felt! Damn you ageing genes.
11) Started noticing almost every married couple has a kid and a panic attack was on its way like some alarm just went off!
12) The immediate thought was So what, I will take my own time! It will happen when it has to! Surround sound claps in my head for that thought alone!
13) Everything that was a rush was turned a dial down and 'smooth' was the new way to take.
14) I started feeling full easily, earlier it seemed like a never ending appetite.
15) Wine was a new friend and vodka got dumped.
16) It was time to live for myself, Selfish was the new mantra.
17) Flats were welcome, heels bid goodbye.
18) Comfort was now a luxury.
19) No more screaming with excitement, shouting at puppies or babies, snorting while laughing, more conscious social behavior.
20) Nailpaints and lipsticks were easily tossed for newer neutral nuder shades.
21) Social media updates take longgggggg breaks.
22) Did I mention gray hair everywhere?
23) Too much time spent on weighing scale than exercising.
24) So many judgemental remarks comparing generations.
25) Limited girl gang. No more mosh pits full of girls everywhere, the more the better, no lesser the quieter, more manageable, lesser hassles.
26) Money slips easily out of hands.
27) Knowledge is favored over entertainment.
28) Lots of feminism talks/chats/opinions.
29) Lots and lots of opinions.
30) The best part is no more asking permissions, just doing it, ah the sense of liberation!

Completely random word suggestions of my phone!

I wanted to write a blog post and I was in the middle of one when I noticed my phone was suggesting a few words and I thought let me see where this goes. It was so much fun just to click on words and some of the sentences made sense while others none at all! Go on read and have a laugh!

‘The new year to you and your business and leisure and the kids will have the right thing to remember that you have to do it for the first time in my mind is that you are looking for the first time in the world and the rest is just one more thing to be able to make sure that you have any further information about this topic. The dream of being able to do it for you to know about the future of this tag is called from Scotland and the kids are going well as other people who want the same thing as the most important part in a few years. I did not have the right place to be the best. I’m not a problem with their Government which I think the last few different form what you think you aren’t going to have the option of the times. He has a great deal of experience with this new version of the e-mail by a friend who was in my mind. This was the only way to the gym and the other side of things that you have any questions about this topic is a great deal with the new one. But my battery is dead and gone to bed at night and the most common type in your area of expertise in my life! I love it when it is not the same as above. uses a few weeks, but the fact is a very long time, no see. Well done and the new house with my friends have any other country music video by using your phone number.’

I just can’t!

If you can, good for you, but I just can’t stand it!

  • Poking, like the real physical poking, constant physical nudging, poking.I love the virtual ones, its ticklish.
  • Really long nails studded or with lots of glitter and bling, I just can’t understand, with those long nails how can you impress anyone? How can you do the basic things like brushing teeth or wiping stuff!? All you are going to do is scare and scratch someone or yourself, go buy a lion!
  • Constant updates on any social network websites. One or two posts are okay but constant shared pics, videos, tagging, pics, check ins, etc. Read what ‘Leisure’ is by Davies.
  • Boogers. If you want to watch me vomit, I will drink salt and water, but no boogers please! They are only funny on America’s Funniest Videos.
  • Someone else eating an ice-cream or doughnut and I get to watch! No wonder your stomach had cramps the next day, thanks for not sharing stranger!

  • Someone picks up the last piece of my favorite food. All you had to do was ask, I would have split the last bit in two, sorry you had to go, you don’t belong in my future.
  • Constant bragging. Yes ‘Know it all’, you may be holding the titles to all the pageants, but all I hear is blah, blah blah!
  • Spitting, if it’s just a small gum or if its that mucus you have been playing with, I can see you roll your tongue even with your lips tightly closed. Yuck!
  • You defeat me in some word game or point out my grammatical mistakes(there is a time and place for that), let me win and I promise a long lasting friendship. Help me lose and you just lost me forever!
  • Most probably I will hang up the phone if I am told to hold for more than 10 minutes. 10 minutes is the end of my humanly patience.
  • The obsessions of the ‘Skinny world’. Be it clothes, mocktails,cocktails, salads, all the intricacies of how you maintain the Skinny part of your Skinny little bum and bones. You can maintain the skinny in the Sahara. Let people enjoy the abundance that God has given and may they share it.
  • Trying to fit yourself in 5 times smaller clothes. Again, there is abundance, fill yourself with abundance! Small is just going to limit your brains and not the body!
  • Those sweet, cute, calm videos when you know something is going to go horribly wrong, and it does when that scary woman pops out and you jump out of your skin in disbelief!
  • Comments that become war statements just because some idiot brought up his religion. Who asked you if your God is the greatest, to each his own! Respect that.
  • Photos in the loo,esp women clicking themselves in the place where you only go to get rid of something your body is rejecting unless the washroom is super luxurious and looks like a bedroom!

  • Superstitious forward emails…Share or else….  F#@kdjsh#$*

Transition from a Best Friend-Girl Friend-Wife! Part III

Part III continued from Part II

You are so sure by now that this is the person you want to lose all your teeth with and still struggle to talk! The environment at home just seems busy with parents meeting parents, choosing date, venue and time, shopping, planning the wedding, everything seems to happen too fast. Time flies by at a supersonic speed. The D-Day is here. You are excited and nervous at the same time with a plethora of mixed emotions in your mind, about the new life, finally bridging the gap, no longer dying to see each other scenarios!  A completely new chapter in your life is waiting to start! Wedding goes well. Muscles relax. You are now light on your feet. You are newly-weds, meeting relatives, visiting temples and all holy places, socializing and introducing your spouse to everyone, celebrating. You are glowing with pride and loving it all. This effect lasts for about 6 months.

So now you are a part of a daily soap instead of a weekend program that leaves you some mystery behind, instead things get predictable. By now, you are used to waking up next to an ugly morning face, a set routine day! There are automatically some do’s and dont’s. You don’t check each other’s phones, you do call each other once in a day at the least. Personal spaces are now marked territories. Now you are a little conscious of your PDA. You have distributed who does what, the garbage always goes to the men and doing the dishes to women! Now you no longer bore your friends instead it is encouraging to joke and gossip about family members and spouses. You know all the burps and farts that never existed in your boyfriend-girlfriend relationship! You praise the good habits in public and despise the bad ones in person, cribbing everyday. The husband is now complaining and so is the wife. The complaints differ from the girlfriend-boyfriend stage, now you are not comparing anyone else’s dress and asking them to learn how to dress like that, now you are complaining of choice, you are complaining of an overflowing wardrobe, of how you can’t keep the socks and hankies in their original place, how you throw away shoes and towels here and there, how the food is not as good as mother’s, how your in-laws treat you, how the other couple looked happier, how you have changed, how you don’t remember special occasions, how you don’t spend quality time with each other, only two of you, since you are with each other 24/7!

This could be a bit overwhelming to single people, but married people have their own fun too!

Now you are so independent, no one asks you any complicated questions, you are not answerable to anyone except each other, you have free will to go out, party with anyone, socialize  shop! There is no room of doubt, suspicion, or the fear of commitment.  You are always looking out for each other even if you don’t see each other the whole week due to work or other responsibilities. You share burdens, joy and sadness. Making a few sacrifices, compromises, adjustments to keep everyone happy. You are literally together in sickness and in health. Now wherever you go, whatever you do, you are buy one get one free! It is only, we and us! It is not ‘ a lot like love’, it is LOVE!

This ends the trilogy of the girlfriend to wife transition, I am enjoying each phase and looking forward to more of those to come. I pray that you stay satisfied and together in love and marriage forever and ever!

Transition from a Best Friend-Girl Friend-Wife! Part I

I am sure the title is pretty attractive and I am even more confident that many women who have been through this phase will understand what it means to go through this. Here is what I think:
As a friend, you know each other well you are at a better stage than just being acquainted, you greet each other by names and not just Hi, Hello, you meet in groups, go to picnics, parties or other celebrations, etc. Your talks are like, “Hey, so did you see that show on TV last night? It was soooo awesome” Then you move on to the next stage to become great friends, you start going out for coffee, it does not matter if some people ditch you end up only with that friend, it is not awkward, instead you enjoy the chats, the gossips. Your talks begin with “Did you know what happened with X and Y?” Then come the ‘Glory days’ you are now best of friends you talk so much that even if your mouth hurts you won’t know, even if your ear is warm holding the phone for so long you don’t bother, you listen and talk and talk and listen and never get tired. You call and cry, and your best friend is always there, like your favorite song you are never tired of humming, and it is still not awkward, now you start sharing secrets really personal ones! You are straight in the face, a yes or a no. “If you gotta do it, you gotta do it” types! Your talks are like, “Dude, what’s with your hair!? You need to change it man, it reminds me of a porcupine”. You start complaining about your family to this friend who is pretty special by now. Then suddenly one day out of nowhere, your best friend goes away like for two days to a hometown or a vacation with the family or some camping trip. That is when you realize you are missing something, like someone just took an arm or a leg away from you, you stop thinking or think a lot, and get restless, and when your friend is back, you give the tightest hug, now this becomes awkward, something is wrong with your eyes, you can’t stop staring in your best friend’s eyes. You go home and think about your best friend the whole day, the entire night! What is wrong with you, you ask yourself, you chuckle, you blush! Oh no……You are in love with your best friend…Smile!!! Now your talks become awkward, really really awkward! “Do you think I should have done that, instead of that?” And then you enter the girlfriend stage. You become possessive, you start getting ‘hurt’ all the time! Your talks are now sagas, tragedies, comedies, and 70 mm movie like stories! Your talks are mushy so many times and sometimes over-emotional. “You know how much that hurts? You shouldn’t have said that!” And then your boyfriend has to say ‘Sorry” more than 1000 times. You will cut his calls, shut the door on him, dump your face in the pillow and cry over the smallest thing, you are the most fragile at this stage, and your boyfriend will do any damn thing on earth to make it up to you! He will send flowers, cakes, chocolates, buy more gifts, send more cards, sms, emails! Phew! You just want him to beg in the end! And then someday when you have some exciting news and you can’t wait to share it, you will patch up! Things go back to normal, all the coffee shop trips, silly shopping like “You and me” cards, gifts, toys, and so much of useless stuff that someday you are going to throw most of them away or are going to lose it anyway, or gift it to some relative on their birthday or wedding forgetting who it was from because it looks so new! While denying that you will never ever go to a park, some or other day you end up on a park bench, you don’t know how, but you do, you end up watching the worst, flop movies of all times, but you don’t care because you get to hold hands in the dark! 😛 That is some adventure…
I think I will write a part two! …..hold on….It’s far from over…. to be continued….

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