Weird dreams

This morning I woke up with such a sad face. I had a dream about my favorite celebrity who I have a major crush on. I saw him come to my school and give me his personal number, I was ecstatic and I remember how eager I was for school to get over so that I could call him. When finally I dialed his number, turns out it was some driver’s number. I felt so sad and woke up with a sad face. I remember most of my dreams vividly like some 70mm movie.

When I was a kid, I used to think the earth is flat, not round,because we don’t fall.

When I was a toddler, my mother used to blackmail me into finishing my food, narrrating aa scary story thaat there is an old woman who eats children who don’t eat their food, so if she sees food in your plate you will be gobbled up, turns out it was just thee cloudsI would get so scared of!

In my teenage years I have had a recurring dream for many years that I was a servant of Cleopatra and then I would visit a museum called the ‘Noah’s ark’ and then inside the museum were special bullets that I used to accidentally shoot Cleopatra. Then I’d wake up scared.

Ofcourse I have had the regular train missing, misssing or not finishing exams, falling from the sky type of dreams as well. I have had so many celebrities visit me in my dreams but I fondly remember the one where Westlife came to pick me up for their concert! There are so many interpretations of dreams I wonder what they all mean!

They say if you change pillow covers frequently you don’t have dreams. I change mine every week, doesn’t help. Do you have weird dreams that you remember?


What’s in a name? What if the name is Indian?

I am in search of a job and I am sure a lot of recruiters might go through my resume wondering how to pronounce my name. Personally I have faced this problem, many people just can’t pronounce my name. Some people are cocky and just to sound confident they just butcher my name completely. Even English names for many people who do not know English are difficult. I also understand Chinese and African names can be tricky but Indian names are really not that tough. Most Indian names are derived from Hindu Gods and their characteristics. But there are many other religions in India that have different origins of names and what I like the best is most of them have meanings. But that post can be an intimidating one.
Here is an example of a South Indian Railway station Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta, it is pretty long. At first glance you may not read it right, even Indians might struggle. So how would you pronounce it? The problem is finding the right breaks. In this case, I would break it down to Venk-ata-nara-sim-hara-ju-va-ri-peta
The easiest thing is to write them down and break it down with syllables. You may not get it exactly right but the effort makes all the difference. The ‘i’ sound most of the time is ‘e’. Sometimes there are combined consonants like in the name Vaishnavi, shna is a combination of sh and na. Same way you would pronounce Schnitzel (meat dish) or Schnauzer(dog breed)? In literal sense Schnapps or Schnitzel or Schnauzer is more difficult since you don’t even know if the c should be pronounced. In that case ideally it should be like schedule or Skay-dule in British, Sk-napps, Sk-nit-zel or Sk-nauzer but in American English pronounciation of Schedule is Shay-duel therefore the advantage.
Something to remember is the Aah sound. Most names will have Aah like the name Akash – Aah-kaah-sh not A-cash. Some names start with Uh sound like Avinash – Uh-vi-nash. Some names end with aa sounds like Manisha which will be pronounced Ma-ni-shaa. Let’s see some common names and break them down.
Vaishnavi – Vai-shna-vi (Vayee-shna-v)
Dhruv – Dhr-uv (Dhr as in Threw just adding ‘the’ sound instead and uv as in ‘of’)
Abhilasha -Abhi-la-shaa (Bh as in Buh+huh Bhuh like in the word abhor)
Poornima – Poor-ni-maa alternatively Pour-ni-maa the common mistake is Poo-rni-ma
Fatima – Faa-ti-maa
Abhishek – Abhi-shek(I know how this would go by the rules (Ab-hi-shek)
Ashwati – Aah-shwa-ti (schwa as in Schwarzenegger)
Akriti – Aah-kri-ti (kri as in Chris) or Uck-riti
Chaitrali – Chai-tra-li
Akshata – Uck-sha-taa
Radhika – Raa-thee-kaa
Priyanka – (Pri as in Prius) Pri-yank-aa
Sneha – (Sne as in snail) Sne-hal (hull)
Prajakta – Pra(remember aa) – jak(juck) -taa
Bhoumik – Bhou ( as in thou with a b) mik(as in Mick Jagger)

Shraddha – Shra-ddha (the closest word I found is a shredder replace the r sound with aa)

So the next time you come across an Indian name just try to break it down or just ask if you got it right, as long as you are close enough you will earn lifelong respect for sure. Namaste!

Signs you might be over 30…

I cried the day I turned 30 years old. On my birthday I literally shed tears of sadness that my "youth" was over and "mid life" started. I couldn't fathom why God had to do this to me. Yes you may be reminded of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Exactly that. I couldn't believe I am not in my twenties anymore, suddenly I felt like I cannot make any more mistakes in life, I have to be older and wiser, but jokes apart I felt these signs after I turned 30. In all honesty I do feel like a strong, fierce, independent woman from time to time but I also feel what some women may relate to the list below:

1) I started noticing I injured myself easily and recovery took a wee bit longer than it did in my twenties.
2) Meditation and Yoga attracted me more than 4 hours or more of dancing late night at pubs.
3 I preferred lounge music than rock because I could listen to hours of rock music before and suddenly my preference had changed to soft easy listening and couldn't tolerate rock for more than an hour. Sad but true!
4) I wanted to stay in more than I wanted to go out.
5) Health check ups felt like a priority.
6) I was making more responsible choices in life like smoothies over coke!
7) Sleep was knocking me out pretty early, I was no more a night owl.
8) I felt all the aches and pains and joints that I had never noticed before.
9) Lots of been there done that experiences when people suggested to try something new.
10) The choices in my clothes changed, my shorts were too short I felt! Damn you ageing genes.
11) Started noticing almost every married couple has a kid and a panic attack was on its way like some alarm just went off!
12) The immediate thought was So what, I will take my own time! It will happen when it has to! Surround sound claps in my head for that thought alone!
13) Everything that was a rush was turned a dial down and 'smooth' was the new way to take.
14) I started feeling full easily, earlier it seemed like a never ending appetite.
15) Wine was a new friend and vodka got dumped.
16) It was time to live for myself, Selfish was the new mantra.
17) Flats were welcome, heels bid goodbye.
18) Comfort was now a luxury.
19) No more screaming with excitement, shouting at puppies or babies, snorting while laughing, more conscious social behavior.
20) Nailpaints and lipsticks were easily tossed for newer neutral nuder shades.
21) Social media updates take longgggggg breaks.
22) Did I mention gray hair everywhere?
23) Too much time spent on weighing scale than exercising.
24) So many judgemental remarks comparing generations.
25) Limited girl gang. No more mosh pits full of girls everywhere, the more the better, no lesser the quieter, more manageable, lesser hassles.
26) Money slips easily out of hands.
27) Knowledge is favored over entertainment.
28) Lots of feminism talks/chats/opinions.
29) Lots and lots of opinions.
30) The best part is no more asking permissions, just doing it, ah the sense of liberation!

Tomorrow never comes!


So here I am it’s almost 10.30 I’m done with breakfast and I’m waiting to go running at 11 am in the morning when there’s not too much rush at the gym and I can be myself and go at my speed and there’s no judging there are no bulky muscles around and I’m thinking to myself, all right get off your bum wear your clothes, tie your shoes and get out. I am so motivated today. Let me just fix my hair, wash my face, pick out my clothes, get my socks, by then I look at the clock and it’s 10:45 and I’m thinking, in 15 minutes I’ll have to leave and go hit the gym and then suddenly I remember Uh-oh I forgot to call a friend or I forgot to check on the recipe for lunch or I forgot to write something in my diary or I just remember random stuff to do like making a to-do list, I need to iron my t-shirts or clean the bathroom or do other chores and then it’s 11 am. The dreaded 11 a.m. I’m not out of the door I’m not wearing those gym pants or the gym shoes and I’m thinking oh well, the time’s gone so let me decide now, do the gym at 4 and then I start watching TV, I cook lunch and then I catch up on my FRIENDS re-runs and by the time it’s over, I look at the clock and its 5:00. Oh no, I missed the time again. Alright maybe 6:30? But then all the office crowd just comes back from work. Are  you sure you want to hit the gym now when there could be a little bit of judging a little bit of flaunting, a wee bit of flexing muscles. Argh, I don’t want to go now, it’s too late . I carry on with other work and then it’s time for dinner again and I’m thinking laying on my bed it’s almost 12:30 am. I must go to the gym tomorrow I must run on the treadmill I must walk outside I need some sunshine for myself, I must go out. I end up sitting on my couch watching TV at 10:30 thinking I need to go hit the gym. Groundhog day anyone!?



A list of Awkward moments in my life and a few my friends shared with me, trust me I won’t give out names!  Feel free to share yours in the comments below!

  1. When you are watching a movie with parents and suddenly a ‘steamy scene’ starts! Awkward!
  2. When no one finds your joke funny. Awkward!
  3. When no one laughs but you are clapping and snorting at a silly joke. Awkward!
  4. When you laugh in a serious conversation because you remembered a joke told to you day before yesterday! Awkward!
  5. When you are drinking water and spit it out on a friend because you couldn’t control laughing! Awkward!
  6. When being photographed at a wedding while you are just trying to put in a morsel of food! Awkward!
  7. When you try giving a high-five and get no response! Awkward!
  8. When a friend is hurling abuses at someone and parents hear it all! Awkward!
  9. When your phone rings in a quiet cinema hall, church or hospital! Awkward!
  10. When you just have to sit and watch while your friend is being yelled at by his parents! Awkward!
  11. When your mom suddenly comes in while you were watching a ‘nasty movie’! Awkward! Shameful! Frightened!
  12. When you are making fun of someone and they are standing right behind you! Ouch! Awkward!
  13. While you are making fun of someone and you become the butt of ridicule by the end of the conversation! Awkward!
  14. When you want to be angry at someone but they end up making you laugh! Awkward!
  15. When you are writing your exam and you realize you studied for the wrong subject and you feel like laughing and crying at the same time! Awkward! Darn! You are screwed!


Generally, if you meet me for the first time, my first impression often comes across as a reserved, serious, quiet, introvert, arrogant, pompous individual (all from the feedback from my friends when asked about their first impression of me). But once you get to know me, and of course I have to like you as well to open up the true facets of my personality, you will know I am almost the opposite. I can make fun of myself, I can laugh for no rhyme or reason, I can be mad, I can be overly sensitive, I can be crabby(Being a cencerian 😉 ), I can be crazy, naughty and fun to be with. I was just trying to remember that one mad time I have laughed till my back hurt! Uh…yeah, normally when you laugh, your stomach hurts, but if I laugh too much, my back hurts….! I laugh at really silly things….like the funniest thing I find is when you are about to fall, but you don’t and that one ‘Kodak moment’ on your face of being scared to death! HA HA HA….that is very funny for me…. If you fumble while talking….I do too sometimes…! When it comes to alliteration (figure of speech) For eg: Plain Paper Plates and if I stammer….P pp pppppp while saying that…I will start laughing! But I do not make fun of people who stammer… so I am kind! If you suddenly realize you lost something important and search for it and get a mini heart attack and laugh about it later thinking of how worried you were…it is such a funny moment to remember. Also, I can laugh at sounds….be it fart sounds, gargling sounds, sneezing sounds, coughing sounds. I can also laugh when it’s completely silent around! I hate ‘awkward silence’.  laugh with my sister the most….We do such silly stuff, like mimic jingles, make funny noises, while riding on a bike we used to honk in our own style and not use the horn. I laugh even when I fight with my husband, when he starts singing Malayalam songs in the middle of the fight….when he realizes it’s something not even worth fighting for! :p I laugh when I trip over on the road and I check to see if anyone saw me falling, that makes me laugh too! Once I was sleeping in the back seat and was really tired, so feel asleep. I made such a loud snoring noise in deep sleep, that I got scared with my own snoring and woke up. The first thing I checked if anyone heard that and saw me snoring, and it was my sister staring for a second, and we were in splits for the next half an hour! I remember going to a friend’s wedding, I laughed so hard that my friends announced ‘Disperse’ and everyone ran in random direction because they were too embarrassed to be around with me since I was literally…ROFL! And the reason….No reason! I go into a complete ‘laugheria’ attacks when I watch funny movies! Laughing is good for health they say, but I think, it helps in increasing my weight, everytime I laugh I feel like I have gained 500 grams! Ha ha ha! Some of my friends find my laugh so infectious they start laughing by just looking at me laugh! Forget your worries, just look around….there are so many things to laugh at…begin by laughing at yourself…I mean laugh not mock! Keep Laughing! Happy Laugheria to all!

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