Completely random word suggestions of my phone!

I wanted to write a blog post and I was in the middle of one when I noticed my phone was suggesting a few words and I thought let me see where this goes. It was so much fun just to click on words and some of the sentences made sense while others none at all! Go on read and have a laugh!

‘The new year to you and your business and leisure and the kids will have the right thing to remember that you have to do it for the first time in my mind is that you are looking for the first time in the world and the rest is just one more thing to be able to make sure that you have any further information about this topic. The dream of being able to do it for you to know about the future of this tag is called from Scotland and the kids are going well as other people who want the same thing as the most important part in a few years. I did not have the right place to be the best. I’m not a problem with their Government which I think the last few different form what you think you aren’t going to have the option of the times. He has a great deal of experience with this new version of the e-mail by a friend who was in my mind. This was the only way to the gym and the other side of things that you have any questions about this topic is a great deal with the new one. But my battery is dead and gone to bed at night and the most common type in your area of expertise in my life! I love it when it is not the same as above. uses a few weeks, but the fact is a very long time, no see. Well done and the new house with my friends have any other country music video by using your phone number.’

My ubiquitous world – A poem

https://poohalicious.wordpress.comWhat the world thinks I am,
They might give it a thought
a bore, a pity, a snob, a coy, a dunce, a blob
none of these, I am not.
Of rainbows and fairies and candies,
of unicorns and glitter,
I love everything bright, happy, sunny, cute, mad and funny
doubt and anger give me a jitter.
I can be warmest to the coziest of heart
shrewdest to the cold,
I can be crazy, generous, kind, hyper, wild and sublime
will my adventures someday be told.
I can sit at a place for hours
not move a fly from my face
I can also pretend, play, fly, sing, dance and cry
random butterflies and skies to chase.
https://poohalicious.wordpress.comMy hands are full sometimes, sometimes barren
so much to do and so little time
Pray, think, receive, love, smile, believe
parallel to this earthly world is a separate, ubiquitous world of mine.


Generally, if you meet me for the first time, my first impression often comes across as a reserved, serious, quiet, introvert, arrogant, pompous individual (all from the feedback from my friends when asked about their first impression of me). But once you get to know me, and of course I have to like you as well to open up the true facets of my personality, you will know I am almost the opposite. I can make fun of myself, I can laugh for no rhyme or reason, I can be mad, I can be overly sensitive, I can be crabby(Being a cencerian 😉 ), I can be crazy, naughty and fun to be with. I was just trying to remember that one mad time I have laughed till my back hurt! Uh…yeah, normally when you laugh, your stomach hurts, but if I laugh too much, my back hurts….! I laugh at really silly things….like the funniest thing I find is when you are about to fall, but you don’t and that one ‘Kodak moment’ on your face of being scared to death! HA HA HA….that is very funny for me…. If you fumble while talking….I do too sometimes…! When it comes to alliteration (figure of speech) For eg: Plain Paper Plates and if I stammer….P pp pppppp while saying that…I will start laughing! But I do not make fun of people who stammer… so I am kind! If you suddenly realize you lost something important and search for it and get a mini heart attack and laugh about it later thinking of how worried you were…it is such a funny moment to remember. Also, I can laugh at sounds….be it fart sounds, gargling sounds, sneezing sounds, coughing sounds. I can also laugh when it’s completely silent around! I hate ‘awkward silence’.  laugh with my sister the most….We do such silly stuff, like mimic jingles, make funny noises, while riding on a bike we used to honk in our own style and not use the horn. I laugh even when I fight with my husband, when he starts singing Malayalam songs in the middle of the fight….when he realizes it’s something not even worth fighting for! :p I laugh when I trip over on the road and I check to see if anyone saw me falling, that makes me laugh too! Once I was sleeping in the back seat and was really tired, so feel asleep. I made such a loud snoring noise in deep sleep, that I got scared with my own snoring and woke up. The first thing I checked if anyone heard that and saw me snoring, and it was my sister staring for a second, and we were in splits for the next half an hour! I remember going to a friend’s wedding, I laughed so hard that my friends announced ‘Disperse’ and everyone ran in random direction because they were too embarrassed to be around with me since I was literally…ROFL! And the reason….No reason! I go into a complete ‘laugheria’ attacks when I watch funny movies! Laughing is good for health they say, but I think, it helps in increasing my weight, everytime I laugh I feel like I have gained 500 grams! Ha ha ha! Some of my friends find my laugh so infectious they start laughing by just looking at me laugh! Forget your worries, just look around….there are so many things to laugh at…begin by laughing at yourself…I mean laugh not mock! Keep Laughing! Happy Laugheria to all!

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