Where should I start…

Believe me, I am completely clueless as to why I cannot be consistent, be it writing, studying, or finding something I really love and honestly I love writing but since dad passed away I fall short of words. It is like learning to read and write again, life just seemed to stop even when it did not stop in reality. My imagination has been limited. Although my recent visit to India has put me back on track somehow, no wonder I am writing this now! Where should I start now? Have people in my life changed? Not really. Have times changed? Yes, drastically. In this world of technology, people care more on Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook,than in reality. More of pings, pokes, emoticons, expressing in limited characters when life should be more of talking, seeing reactions with your own eyes, but somehow everyone is comfortable with what is going on…be it politics, religion, terrorism, violence, chores, jobs, everything is so peaceful in a disturbing way. Selfies are more common and selfishness is the need of the day!

I feel lost sometimes in all of this, feel that somehow I don’t belong to this age, that I should take birth again in the days where air was pollution free, vehicles were not so common, public transport was used more, mother nature was adored and glorified, religion was more bearable because not everyone objected, only a few were opinionated and we called them arrogant and ignored them. We were great kids to our parents, not demanding at all compared to the kids today. Our parents were also patient and not agitated and never handed over electronic devices for us to let them have their moment. They would include us in their moments. Cameras were only to capture special moments not daily life. Music and movies were only limited to entertain and not for skin show.We never regarded young girls as flesh, even when they were bare bodied as toddlers, it was like Adam and Eve until they ate the forbidden fruit, now everyone wants them to be covered up because they might fall prey to sinful organs. There were not as many chemicals, pesticides in the food that we ate, there was less of advertisement and more of trying stuff out. Makeup was only limited to celebrities now it hard to distinguish between an average person and a celebrity. Life was much simpler when people were harmoniously living with nature. To adjust to this demanding life, make sense and to find myself will take time, patience and consistency.

No is No.

https://poohalicious.wordpress.com/I am just not into serious stuff! Life is already surrounded with serious issues. Writing about serious issues makes me look grave, concentrate hard at the screen or scribble with a heavy hand almost digging the pen onto the paper!

I like to joke around, laugh, enjoy the moment. But some serious issues keep popping their head up like a meerkat in a desert….its not a good example….but I know you get it….It keeps bugging me until I talk about it. It’s like a song stuck in your head that you want to sing out loud, but you are conscious of your voice!

Okay, let me just blurt it out. Rape is not okay. Not for anyone! Period! I have been reading about so many incidents and government, cops, politicians do nothing about it. Hearing about it makes me go berserk! Respect the boundaries. It does create a spark of awareness and dies down as quickly. There are so many thoughts just gushing in and I want to just them puke them all out and just give a sigh of relief. But are the rapists going to read this? No! Even if they do, will they be affected by the post and curb from it!? No! So, who should I write this for? For myself? Then my diary is a much private thing where I can go on ranting for pages! But no, as a woman, I must write this for someone who is a brother, husband, father, son, father-in-law who will try to comfort and assure a woman in their lives that they will always protect them. Why just these men, complete strangers come and rape women why can’t complete strangers protect them? What is discussed is how the rape happened, why the rape happened, who was involved and how the rape is affecting everyone around. Why is no one discussing what can be done to avoid rapes completely? What can a woman do to protect herself? Even if she can defend herself from a man but what can she do when there are many? I cannot even imagine the pain and trauma that woman can go through!

God, we depend on you for everything, everything happens for a reason and that we keep praying to God that it is he who has decided our fate, really? How does God watch all this and let this happen to an innocent  woman? Why at such times there is no angel, savior who makes sure that she escapes all the man-made sickening urge that is just ruled by a private part where the brain and heart are not involved for the consequences, guilt, shame or hurt? At the end of it all, its just the woman and questions, weird, insensitive questions that will haunt her for the rest of her life. Is that life worth living?

Technology is achieving new heights every second if I may exaggerate however, why can’t technology find an answer to protect women from being an easy target? Why are these psychopaths objectifying a woman? Is it the woman’s fault? Doesn’t the society feel responsible towards educating one and all about respecting a woman? Just like all men are not rapists, why can’t men look at woman as a gender and not a toy to play with? Would men sit quietly if this happened regularly to their species?

I just can’t!

If you can, good for you, but I just can’t stand it!


  • Poking, like the real physical poking, constant physical nudging, poking.I love the virtual ones, its ticklish.
  • Really long nails studded or with lots of glitter and bling, I just can’t understand, with those long nails how can you impress anyone? How can you do the basic things like brushing teeth or wiping stuff!? All you are going to do is scare and scratch someone or yourself, go buy a lion!poohalicious.wordpress.com
  • Constant updates on any social network websites. One or two posts are okay but constant shared pics, videos, tagging, pics, check ins, etc. Read what ‘Leisure’ is by Davies.
  • Boogers. If you want to watch me vomit, I will drink salt and water, but no boogers please! They are only funny on America’s Funniest Videos.
  • Someone else eating an ice-cream or doughnut and I get to watch! No wonder your stomach had cramps the next day, thanks for not sharing stranger!
  • poohalicious.wordpress.com

  • Someone picks up the last piece of my favorite food. All you had to do was ask, I would have split the last bit in two, sorry you had to go, you don’t belong in my future.
  • Constant bragging. Yes ‘Know it all’, you may be holding the titles to all the pageants, but all I hear is blah, blah blah!
  • Spitting, if it’s just a small gum or if its that mucus you have been playing with, I can see you roll your tongue even with your lips tightly closed. Yuck!
  • You defeat me in some word game or point out my grammatical mistakes(there is a time and place for that), let me win and I promise a long lasting friendship. Help me lose and you just lost me forever!
  • Most probably I will hang up the phone if I am told to hold for more than 10 minutes. 10 minutes is the end of my humanly patience.
  • The obsessions of the ‘Skinny world’. Be it clothes, mocktails,cocktails, salads, all the intricacies of how you maintain the Skinny part of your Skinny little bum and bones. You can maintain the skinny in the Sahara. Let people enjoy the abundance that God has given and may they share it.
  • Trying to fit yourself in 5 times smaller clothes. Again, there is abundance, fill yourself with abundance! Small is just going to limit your brains and not the body!
  • Those sweet, cute, calm videos when you know something is going to go horribly wrong, and it does when that scary woman pops out and you jump out of your skin in disbelief!
  • Comments that become war statements just because some idiot brought up his religion. Who asked you if your God is the greatest, to each his own! Respect that.
  • Photos in the loo,esp women clicking themselves in the place where you only go to get rid of something your body is rejecting unless the washroom is super luxurious and looks like a bedroom!
  • poohalicious.wordpress.com

  • Superstitious forward emails…Share or else….  F#@kdjsh#$*

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